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Salescope: Preparing for a meeting


Salescope can be used to achieve many different goals. In this section we try to give you some pointers on how you could get the most out of Salescope. This section is certainly not exhaustive. Please let us know if you have any hints or tricks that you apply in your sales process. You might receive a little something, just saying.

Prepare for a meeting

Visit a Salesforce lead
Select the correct scientist from the search results
a. Review the name and affiliation
b. Review the fields of study
Pin the correct scientist
Review the scientist's market segmentation
a. Matched Market Landscape segments
b. AI generated fields of study
Review the recent activity of the scientist
a. What fields of study have they been active in?
b. Any recent publications you could congratulate them about?
c. Any recent new granted funding?
d. Any funding actively available?
e. Any funding expiring soon?
Review their collaborator network
a. Any scientists in their network you know?
b. Any scientist in their network that has tried your products?
c. Any scientist in their network you would like to be introduced to?
Review their company and competitor mentions
a. Any recent papers where they have used your product?
b. Any recent papers where they have used a competitor product?
c. Any changes in brand loyalty?
d. Any grants explicitly mentioning the intention to purchase a relevant product category?

Updated on: 30/12/2021

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