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Salescope: Introduction

Salescope Introduction

Scitodate Salescope is an application that runs inside of Salesforce. It will help you quickly get information about scientists, such as their latest publications, their research interests, grant funding and collaborators. This information can help you to qualify a lead or prepare for a sales meeting without leaving Salesforce.

Key features

Salescope has the following important features:
View the research profile of a scientist
View contact information of a scientist
View the publication history of a scientist
View the grant history of a scientist
View the collaborators of a scientist
View the fields of study of a scientist
View what companies and products the scientist mentions in their publications
See what Market Landscape segments match the scientist
Create a Salesforce lead of any scientist with the click of a button
Easily search for the scientist on Google, Google Scholar, ResearchGate, or LinkedIn

Why Salescope?

You probably have been getting by just fine without Salescope so far, so why would you need it now? Before Salescope, you were probably executing a lot of Google searches and visiting many webpages to gather information from all over the internet. Having a single centralized view with all this information will help you move very fast. An experienced Salescope user will see the data points important to them at a glance. It doesn't take long to become experienced with Salescope; just a week of consistent usage will boost your productivity!

Now you can decide what you want to do with the time you just saved: Drill deeper into the data and figure out what will convince a lead to buy your product? Or maybe double down on the network of this lead and figure out who could be interested among their collaborators? Maybe you know somebody from their network that could introduce you to them? It's all up to you!

Updated on: 27/07/2022

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