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Salescope: Automatically adding leads

Automatically Adding Leads

Salescope allows you to add leads to Salesforce without any manual data entry. You can add a lead - if it does not yet exist in the system already - by clicking on the "Add Lead" button. After a short load, the button will change into a "View Lead" button, which allows you to navigate to the lead page immediately. The newly created lead is automatically pinned.

Add Lead Button

This can be useful for what we at Scitodate call Lead Doubling; Expanding your network by adding a scientist's collaborators as a lead.

Some scenarios where this may be useful:
Scientists frequently work together with colleagues from different affiliations and laboratories. There might be an opportunity to sell in their network, effectively doubling the lead's value.
The scientist you are looking at might not be the decision maker you should be talking to. If this is the case, you can explore their collaboration network to find the right person to contact.
You might already know one of the collaborators. Being introduced through such a mutual connection can improve your chances to sell and massively speeds up the sales process.

Your request to create a new lead might be blocked by Salesforce if a lead with very similar details already exists. In this case you will see an error stating "Duplicate detected". The criteria for detecting duplicates depends on the configuration of your Salesforce system.

Updated on: 29/12/2021

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