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Salescope: Pinning scientists

Pinning Scientists

Pinning a scientist creates a link between the Salesforce lead and the Scitodate scientist. This is a little bit of manual work, but certainly is worth the effort.

The Pin Button

You can pin the scientist by clicking the blue "Pin" button. The next time you visit the Salesforce lead, Salescope will automatically open the scientist's profile; you won't have to go through the search screen anymore.

More importantly, it will also mark the pinned scientists on the search and collaborators page. On the search page you might realize that you have already talked to this lead in the past, which will help you skip ahead in your sales process.

On the collaborators page it helps you find mutual connections. The overview page will also indicate how many of the scientist's collaborators are already pinned.

1 Pinned Scientist

Updated on: 29/12/2021

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