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Salescope: Get Access

How to get access to Salescope?

You can find Salescope wherever your Salesforce administrator has enabled it. Generally, it will be enabled on your Lead and Contact pages, but there are potentially other places where you can find Salescope. It will look something like this:
Salescope Login Screen

Ask your Salesforce administrator to enable Salescope for you if you cannot find the application.

You can login to Salescope using your Scitodate account.

You can click on "Forgot password?" if you do not remember your password. You have a Scitodate account if you have used any other Scitodate product such as Intelliscope or Market Landscape, the user and password will be the same.

You can use the "Sign Up" button, create an account and then request access with your Salesforce administrator if you know you do not have an account yet.

You might see message "Insufficient Privileges" as seen in the image below.
Insufficient Privileges

You should contact your Salesforce system administrator if you see this message. The administrator should give your Salesforce user profile access to the Salescope application.

Updated on: 23/06/2022

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