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Salescope: Company and competitor mentions

Company and competitor mentions

You can search through papers and grants for the names of your company and your competitors, as well as their various brands and product names. You will see a chip on papers and grants for which a match is found in their text bodies. In practice, you only have to set this up once, but you can always update your settings.

You can go to the mention settings menu by clicking on the gear icon in the right top of Salescope and choose "Settings" in the pop-over menu.

Here you will see 4 input fields: Company, product, competitor and competitor product.

Company field: Here you can enter your current company and the different ways it is mentioned in research articles. You can add abbreviations or aliases that may be used by scientists to refer to your company. Please be mindful that if your company name is a common word it could be used with a different meaning, this would cause many false positives.
Product field: Here you can enter several products that are relevant to your sales process. Think of the products you sell and those that indicate a researcher works with specific technologies. There might be different ways to notate your product's name. E.g. "Special Scientific Product v3", "SSPv3" and "Special-Scientific Product" may all refer to the same product.
Competitor company and product fields: Here you can enter the names of your competitors company and products. Use a similar strategy for choosing the names as with your own company and product names.

The mentions will help you in several different ways throughout Salescope. First of all, you will see the number of times your company and competitors have been mentioned by any scientist. Secondly, you can see what paper mentions which products. Lastly, you can use the designated mentions tab to view detailed information around the mentions. Here you will find a snippet of text around where each name was mentioned. This helps you to see the mention in its context, which also allows you to determine the validity of the mention.

Updated on: 29/12/2021

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