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List Manager

Organising data items such as authors and institutes into lists can be a very helpful tool. It allows you to distribute your work over multiple sessions and helps you to keep track of your progress.
The list manager gives you an overview of lists created by you or your team members. Each list has a type of items that it contains, this type is determined by you upon creation.
List Manager

In the image above you can see the list manager. The searchbar on top allows you to filter by name. The action buttons are located to the right of this searchbar, with these you can create new lists, share or delete a selection of lists and filter by ownership and type.
As indicated on the right-most action button ("mine"), the lists below the searchbar are all lists owned by the current user. Each list indicates its name and the type below the name. Furthermore, the owner and some action buttons are available.

Building lists

You can build lists from different modules. Currently, the Prospector and the Market Feed offer support for building a list. You can add items one-by-one by clicking on the "Save" button of the card or the "Save to List" button on the details page.
Save single item to a list

You can also add multiple items to a list at once by making a selection using the checkboxes on the cards. You can then choose the "Save to List" button on the top of the page, which will open a menu where you can create a new or select an existing list.
Add institute to list

Filtering lists

Lists can be used as a filter by including or excluding results that are in your list. Including the list allows you to drill down into a specific selection of results. You might be interested in a subset of the list, for example those authors in the list that are from the United States.

Exporting lists

You can export a list by using the "include list" filter. Only items in the list will then show up in the Prospector or Market Feed. You can then consequently select a some items or export all items at once. Learn more about exporting in this dedicated article.
You can use lists as an easy strategy to prevent duplicate export items. Simply exclude the list using the filters to only export those that you haven't exported before. Don't worry if you have duplicates between the list; the exclusion will override the inclusion.

Sharing lists

You can share a list with a team member if you want. There are different scenarios why you might want to share a list. For example, your team may work on the list simultaneously in order to speed up the prospecting process. You might also want to share the list for reviewing the quality. There are many situations where you are part of a multi-step process, such as market analysis and prospecting. The market analyst and the marketing specialist might want to reuse the same list for different purposes.

You can share the list from the List Manager by clicking on the Share button, which will open up a menu as can be seen below.
Share a list

Here you can select specific team members or a complete team to share the list with. A message can be added to describe why you are sharing the list. You can also copy a link to the list if you want to share it via a specific channel, for example an internal messaging tool. Once you have shared the list, the selected team members will receive an email notification. They can filter by "Shared" in order to easily find the list.
Filter by list

Updated on: 23/06/2022

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