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Export Center

The Export Center allows you to manage and monitor your exports. You will find all exports that were created by you or shared to you and their current progress.

Exporting data costs credits, your workspace likely has a limited number of credits per month.

How to export

Exports can be created in the Prospector and the Market Feed and can be of different data types. Currently, the following types exist:

The first steps before exporting are to apply all the filters you wish to use and check the quality of the results. Once you are satisfied, you can take two approaches to select what items you want to export:
Select 1 to 10 items from the page using the checkboxes on the items
Select a range from the export menu

The third step in the process is to fill in the export menu.
Open the menu by clicking on the "Export" button on the top of the screen.

Action buttons on the top of the page
Select one of the export types, this determines whether emails or web mined emails are included. This may impact the amount of credits that are charged.
Set a name for the export. It is best to select a descriptive name that you and your team members can recognize easily. For example: "US biomedical leads 2021"
Determine the number of items you want to export. You can export all results by marking the checkbox "all". Alternatively, you can set the index of the item you want the export to start with and the amount of items that should be exported in total. This option is not available if you have preselected a set of items.
Review how many export credits will be charged maximally. You will not be able to create the export if you do not have enough credits.
Export menu

Downloading exports

When you create an export, it will be available in the Export Center. Click on an item to view its details, such as the filters that were applied, the date the export was requested and the number of credits that were spent.
The status of the export will be indicated on this page, you can download the export once it is finished by clicking on the "download" button. This will download the file in .xlsx format, which can be opened by programs like Excel, Numbers and Google Sheets. The export files can include many columns based on the type: E.g. grant exports include different columns than author exports.

No credits will be charged for downloading the file.

Sharing exports

You might want to share an export with the member of your team who will utilise it, for example your colleague who manages uploads to your CRM or marketing software. You can use the "share" button for this purpose. Here you can select a set of users or a team that should have access to the export. An additional message, describing why you are sharing the export, can be included.
You can also copy a link to the export if you want to share it via a specific channel, for example an internal messaging tool.

Export credits

Exporting is a paid service and you can only export a limited amount items per month, how many is based on your contract. Your credits will be renewed on a monthly base. Feel free to contact sales if you wish to upgrade your contract to include more credits. We can also provide a one-time top up of your credits if you have a particularly busy month.
Your number of credits is set on a company-wide level. The power user can distribute the credits over each team. More details on how to manage teams can be found in the Settings Panel helpdesk article.

Email exports

You can select whether you want to include emails in the export. This might not be necessary for all exports, but this is especially helpful when the export is used for contacting a researcher. The institute exports are the only exception to this rule and cannot be exported with emails. Scitodate does not have access to the emails of all researchers. We offer a service called "web mining" where we automatically search for the email address of researchers. This can save tremendous amounts of time, especially for large exports. Exports generally take a bit longer to complete for exports that include web mining. Not all email addresses may be found, the credits charged for emails that are missing will be refunded.

You may be charged additional credits per result when you include the email address

Prevent duplicate exports

When you use the Market Landscape for a longer time, you might worry about having duplicates in your export lists. It might be undesirable to contact the same researcher twice.
You can use lists to prevent this. Add the items you wish to export to a list such that you can use an "exclude list filter" the next time you want to export. Please refer to the List Manager helpdesk article for more details.

Updated on: 23/06/2022

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