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Market Landscape: Finding the products used by institutes

How to identify the top institutions that your competitor product is being used?

Every now and then your competitors' products go out of service or the market leaders stop supporting the product anymore. Here I am using the concrete example from one of the big players like BD Bioscience. They have a cytometer called LSR II that is not going to be supported anymore. So as a competitor of BD how would you find where those devices are being used?

Problem definition:

How to find institutions that LSR II from BD is still being used?


Create a segment with all the variation for the product: (Don't know how to create segments read this

Picking the top institute to win over
1. Go to prospector
2. Select the Institute level
3. Select your segment
4. Select your country

Select the top institutions to win:
Look at the institutions for highest number of articles and authors publishing with the competition.
Add those institutions by creating a new list. For example name it Competitor_name to win
I suggest to add at most 20 institutions to the list. You can always keep adding or removing institutes to this list.

Congratulations now you have the list of institutes that LSR II is still being used.

Next is how to find the top users that are still using the competitors' products.

Updated on: 29/06/2022

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