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You can manage your user profile from the settings page. You can find this page by clicking the "settings" button on the right top of the screen.

User profile

The settings page opens the user profile settings by default. Here you can manage your personal account.

User profile settings

Person information

- First name
- Last name
- Email address
- Password

Don't forget to click "Update Profile" or "Update Email" in order to apply changes.

Profile picture

You can optionally add a profile picture. This is particularly handy when you share segments, lists or exports with your team members. With the profile picture, they will be able to easily recognise the owner of the items.


You can use workspaces to get access to the environment of the different teams you may have access to.
Not every company uses Scitodate products in multiple teams, but those who do have access to multiple teams. Each team contains their own segments, lists and exports.
Furthermore, most companies choose to give each team a credit budget. You can only spend as many credits as you have in your team budget.

On the workspace page, you can see what team you are currently checked into. This page can be found in the menu on the left side of the settings page.
Some team details will be available:
- Company name
- Team name
- Your position in the team
- Your administrative role in the team (user or admin)
- Permissions

If you are a member of multiple teams, you can change your workspace from the workspaces page. Here you find the "change" button on the right top of the screen, as seen in the screenshot below:
Change workspace

Admin rights

As an admin, you will have access to two extra pages: companies and teams.
The companies page will show contact details for the company and the functionality to select what users in the company will have administrator rights. As an admin, you are allowed to assign administrator rights to any user from any team in the company.

The teams page shows you an overview of what teams you have access to.

Updated on: 23/06/2022

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