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Market Landscape: Getting Started


1. Go to your home page

You can access your company's Scitodate environment through a personalized URL: “”.

“Yourcompany” represents the actual name of your company.
Please contact your customer success manager if you do not know your personalized URL

2. Login into your account

The previously mentioned URL will bring you to a login screen. Market Landscape is a closed platform and no registration functionality is available. Usually, your account is already created for you. You should have received an email in your inbox with instructions on how to can started.
Login page
Please contact your customer success manager if you haven't received an invitation by email.
You can reset your password using the "Forgot Password" button.
The instructions email might end up in your spam folder.

3. Activate your session

After you login, you will see the Activate screen. Scitodate uses Multi-Factor Authentication to protect your account. An activation code has been send to your email address, please enter this code in the Activate form to access Market Landscape.

4. Start using the platform

After activating your session, you will see the Market Landscape (MLS) dashboard.

Now you are logged in, you will probably see the Prospector, but that is just one of many Scitodate modules. Let us introduce you to the different modules Market Landscape has to offer in the next article: Market Landscape Modules

Updated on: 27/07/2022

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