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Intelliscope: Getting Started

Getting Started

What is Intelliscope?

Intelliscope is Scitodate's Google Chrome browser extension for scientific lead enrichment. Once you install Intelliscope, you will have access to detailed information on scientists.
This information includes contact details, papers, grants, collaborators, institutions and mentions (where key terms like competitor names and products which are mentioned in papers).

Intelliscope provides this information in a handy sidebar that you can view while you browse the web. It will be available on any page you visit, so you always have the most up to date information at hand.

How to install?

You can download Intelliscope from the Chrome Web Store using the link below:

Click on the "Add to Chrome" button to install the application.

Intelliscope in the Chrome Webstore

Next, click on the "Puzzle Piece" button on the right top of your Google Chrome browser. Here you will find "Intelliscope by Scitodate". Click on the "Pin Button" to activate the extension.

Pin the extension to activate it

After pinning the extension, you will see the Scitodate logo appear in the top bar. Clicking on this icon will open the application.
If you see the screen below, you should first navigate to a webpage, such as a LinkedIn profile. From there you can begin the login process.

Viewing Intelliscope on the Chrome extensions page will show this screen

How to login?

Once you have opened the application, you will see a login screen. Use your Scitodate account credentials to login.

Alternatively, if you have used your Google Account to create a Scitodate account, you can use those credentials as well by clicking "Login with Google".

Logging in from a profile page

If you have forgotten your Scitodate credentials, use the "Forgot Password" flow to reset your password.

The Intelliscope login screen

When you successfully login with your username-password combination, you will receive a 4-digit activation code in your email inbox.
Enter this activation code and click on "Activate".

Check your spam folder if you cannot find the code in your inbox.

The Intelliscope activation screen

Welcome, you are now logged in to Intelliscope. Time to start your search!

Initial Intelliscope search screen

Intelliscope: Use Cases

Intelliscope: Setting up Mentions

*NB: If you experience any difficulties in logging in, please contact us via the chat on this page, or at

Updated on: 27/07/2022

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